Live Digital Caricaturist

Digital live caricatures allow to draw guests while casting the drawing process on a screen or projector.

  • Drawings are performed on tablet.
  • Photo quality prints (10 x 15cm)
  • Customized formats with logos, corportate information or elements related to the events´ topic.
  • Presentation with plastic cover and lanyard.

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Digital live caricaturist: a full entertainment

Las caricaturas para eventos, son disfrutadas por todos los asistentes, que se entretienen con la elaboración de los dibujos y se llevan un recuerdo especial de la jornada a casa.

  • Casting on screen allows to cover a broader visual field, reaching a wider audience.
  • All the caricatures are saved as image files. They can be sent via email, bluetooth or through Social Networks. Properly tagged and identified, all this images may contribute driving traffic to your site, thus improving your ranking on SERPs.

Corporate events, celebrations, weddings.

  • It´s a perfect icebraker, it helps your guests engaging and creates a nice and relaxed ambient.
  • They have real convening power. Live caricature will pique the attendants´curiosity.
  • Fast and synthetic. They´re funny and resemble the person. They´re funny but not offensive; the aim is tha t everyone has a great time!
  • For companies, It´s a genuine way of gaining visibility for brands and products. Digital Caricature formats are easy to transport. When others see them, they will surely visit your stand in order to get their own caricature.
  • A caricature is an emotive and personal gift that attendants to your event will keep many years after the event has concluded.




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